What is the county committee?

The County Committee is the grassroots arm of the local Republican Party.  It is comprised of Republicans elected to represent all Republicans residing in their voting precinct.  Precincts are sub-sections of the municipalities and each is represented by a male and female County Committee-person of each party.  In Burlington County, there are 365 precincts within our 40 municipalities. 

While policy is not made through the County Committee, it does serve an important purpose to the party that is spelled out in new statute Title XIX, section 5-3.  Among other administrative duties, the County Committee must elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, adopt a constitution and by-laws, and fill vacancies on Republican Municipal voting tickets.  County Committee members have the opportunity to serve as poll watchers on Election Day.  The County Committee is, quite simply, the lifeblood of the Republican party in the county and its municipalities.

County Committee membership is an elected political party position.  Those who serve are elected in even-numbered years during the June primary.  The membership makes up the political organization for both the specific municipality  the member is representing and the county at large.  Each member has an equal vote in the election of the Chair, the filling of vacancies and every other task designated for the County Committee.

In addition to the responsibilities listed in the statute, there are a number of unmentioned duties that accompany County Committee membership.  Members can often be found helping with our local campaigns and creating a presence at candidate events.

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